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Automating an Agent’s Backoffice

Client’s Problem

  • Client was a specialized financial lender serving small businesses. Client’s small business customers would provide information for review in many different formats (pdf, images, emails, handwritten, etc) and through many different methods (text message, direct mail, email, etc). Client was unable to process customer documentation efficiently, leading to missed opportunities and/ or incorrectly processed opportunities.
  • Client also experienced significant administrative burden due to the large amount of data and deals. Client’s CRM was not updated, necessary data for each opportunity was not entered correctly, and Client was actually losing money because in-house employees were unwilling to put up with the administrative burden and necessary time of deal documentation processing.

General Analytic’s Solution

  • General Analytic quickly implemented a custom deal processing solution for Client. GA provided staff that created new customer case files and aggregated all information about a potential customer into those case files for easy review.
  • General Analytic also utilized all customer information and created customer profiles that were sent to the Client and used for review and approval of loans. All necessary analyses and information were accurately organized for Client’s approval and signature or rejection.
  • General Analytic also updated Client’s CRM on a regular basis, resulting in Client having visibility into the latest details on correspondence with all referral sources and customers. General Analytic also followed up via text and email with all referral sources & potential customers with messages custom to each situation, to avoid the perception that these stakeholders were dealing with “AI” and to provide a personal touch to each exchange. 

The Results

  • Due to the efforts of General Analytic, Client doubled their revenue and documents processed and experienced significant growth in their operations and profitability.
  • Client eliminated time spent on administration and was able to have staff focus 100% on new business development and critical decision making.
  • Client’s business was turned into a “growth engine” with significantly and permanently lowered operating costs. 

Grow Your Business With General Analytic

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