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Ensuring Accurate Inventory and Pricing For A Multi-Location Retailer

Client’s Problem

  1. Client had a wide variety of inventory across many different suppliers and many different SKUs, each of which had unique part #s and needed to manually be entered into their Point of Sale (POS) system. The manual data entry took up a significant amount of the Owner’s time.
  2. Orders placed to suppliers would regularly come in late and/ or with SKUs that didn’t match the order, leading to inaccurate inventory and general difficulty managing suppliers
  3. Because prices were not being correctly updated into the POS, occasionally an item would be sold at a wrong (or potentially incorrectly cheap) price

General Analytic’s Solution

  1. General Analytic provided the client with round the clock services to regularly update inventory in client’s POS system. Hourly rates for General Analytic’s services was below the minimum wage of the Client’s state.
  2. Client would send pictures of manufacturer’s tags that showed pricing & item # for new inventory and General Analytic would update the Client’s POS system overnight. Client would also designate any sale discounts, or different pricing, and/ or other directions, which would also be updated overnight.

The Results

  1. Within a few days of working with General Analytic, Client’s POS was fully updated and any manual pricing done by cashiers was eliminated.
  2. Any incorrect pricing was removed.
  3. Client’s POS database was significantly better organized allowing for much better inventory management.

Grow Your Business With General Analytic

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