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Choosing to outsource a task, process, or even entire business unit is a critical decision that arises in any successful company’s experience. Don’t let the seemingly large obstacles and the feelings of uncertainty from partnering with an Internationally Managed Teams Provider keep you from limiting your business’ growth potential. The goal of this article is to help you think through some of the benefits you could be missing out on.

1. Benefit One: The (Extremely) Low Cost

It’s a no brainer, but all successful businesses do two things very well: 1) maximizing the dollars coming in and minimizing the dollars going out. Outsourcing helps companies with both of these, but we’ll get to maximizing dollars coming in later in this article.

Outsourcing is potentially one of the fastest and most certain ways to minimize cost. Offshoring companies, like General Analytic Support, match clients with highly talented professionals, in extremely low cost areas like India, and allow clients to benefit from the massive wage differential. In many cases, professional support that would cost over $100K/ year can be found at under $25K per year. Aggregating these types of savings across a few positions or functions, and you can see how the savings really add up!

2. Benefit Two: Eliminating Employee Turnover

Turnover ….the biggest headache to any manager or business owner. If you’ve ever had the experience of a recent hire, or worse, a tenured member of the team make a sudden or unexpected transition, I’m sure that no reminders from us are necessary. Working with an Internationally Managed Teams Provider is a permanent solution to any turnover-related problems.

General Analytic offers significant flexibility, and generally will train multiple personnel on the same functions with the redundancy in capabilities creating a buffer for clients. Gaps and pauses caused by a sudden employee departure truly do become a thing of the past.

3. Benefit Three: Catalyzing Growth

In our growingly competitive business environment, companies differentiate by having a handful of capabilities or competitive advantages that create significant differentiation. Outsourcing those tasks or functions that are not “essential” to a company’s strategy allows a company to spend its money and its employees’ time much more efficiently, by having them not focus on redundant or non-value creating tasks. Additionally, the immediate cost savings.

General Analytic has access to a wide network of accountants, data entry, marketing, customer service, and other professionals on staff and that can be made available on short notice. Instead of spending significant time finding a number of candidates that may or may not accept a position at your desired wage level, General Analytic provides immediate access to a large number of qualified personnel that all fit well within your budget, eliminating a major obstacle to growing your business!

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