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Enhanced News & Media Monitoring For A Leading Public Relations Firm

Client’s Problem

  1. Client provided public relations & communication consulting to leading fortune 500 and similarly sized companies, although monitoring the news in the early morning and overnight proved difficult for Client’s in-house staff.
  2. Client also ran into situations where emergency monitoring on a non-recurring basis would occur due to a crisis with one of Client’s customers. These unplanned spikes in needed personnel and capacity would deeply strain Client’s employees and also result in Client missing important news.

General Analytic’s Solution

  1. General Analytic provided the client with Client with 24/7 media monitoring at an hourly rate that was below the minimum wage in most states in the U.S. Based on Client directions, General Analytic would provide a summary of all happenings in the news and social media. Client would utilize General Analytic’s reports in its consulting operations for Client’s customers.
  2. General Analytic also provided emergency response services. General Analytic trained a small team who were well versed in Client’s operations and who were “on call”; General Analytic served as an extension of Client’s operations on short notice for periods when increased capacity was required.

The Results

  1. When a crisis at one of Client’s customers would occur where sudden news monitoring and crises response was required, General Analytic would be available in under 24 hours notice. Due to the robustness of the service and expanded capacity, Client was able to provide more insightful crisis response consulting that led to better customer outcomes.
  2. Due to not having to deal with mundane work of researching the news everyday, Client’s employees enjoyed significantly more free time and were able to re-invest that time into more productive and specialized work.
  3. Client was able to ensure to its customers that no important news or social media article was missed.

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