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Make Recruiting Easier & More Affordable

Get Pre-Screened Resumes From India Within Days For Free. We’ll Handle All the Compliance, Payroll and Benefits If You Make A Hire.

Dozens of Affordable & Experienced Candidates For Your Roles Are Only A Phone Call Away

We recruit for you for free and we don’t charge outrageous placement fees like other recruiting firms do. Instead, We’ll write a job spec, gather resumes, and conduct initial interviews for free. You’ll then meet a handful of curated candidates who fit your budget and needs. After you make a hire, we function as the employer of record & payroll company so that you are always 100% in compliance.

Why Recruit Through Our Platform?

We provide a no risk way for employers to recruit, interview and retain the highest caliber staff in India at the lowest potential cost. We also ensure compliance once you hire that individual with international employment laws. Lastly, we provide a myriad of benefits not available to employers otherwise.

Significant Cost Savings

Indian roles tend to be around 40-80% more affordable than similar US-based counterparts.

Ensured Compliance

We function as the employer of record for your international hires and handle all necessary payroll and compliance filings.

Spend Less Time Interviewing and More Time Hiring

We’ll gather your requirements in advance and conduct initial screenings and interviews so you only have qualified candidates to review.

No Overhead Costs

If you prefer, we can provide computers, employee monitoring, snacks, office space, and much more so that you don’t have to make those investments in overhead.

Lower Risk

There is no requirement that you make a hire through us. We’ll gather qualified resumes for free.

Never Worry About Recruiting Again

We cannot guarantee that your employee will stick around forever, however if they do depart, we will be ready to support you in your recruiting efforts at a moment’s notice.

How To Get Started


Contact us using our contact form page. Please provide a brief description of the role(s) you’re hoping to fill.


We’ll reach out to you for a discussion of your needs and write a job spec to be approved by you.


We perform initial screening and support you on making a hire. When you ready you, extend an offer to your new employee through our platform. You can set any terms, salary, etc that you want.


We function as your payroll and HR department and can provide other amenities such as office space, computer, coffee, etc for your new hire.

Cost Saving Example

You Hire Directly

$50,000-$250,000 Annually
Costs include: Salary, Payroll Taxes, Benefits, Overhead, Office Space, Utilities, Placement Fees and Much More

Hire With General Analytic

$20,000-$50,000 Annually
Costs Include: Salary and Administration Fees from GA (That’s It!)

Getting started on recruiting your next key hire is only a phone call away. Contact us today to get started.