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Business Coach & Consultant Referral Program

Create a Recurring Revenue Stream For Your Consulting or Coaching Business That Grows With Your Clients

If you know of a business that is looking to scale affordably and outsourcing to India makes sense, we provide ongoing referral commission streams of up to 10% of gross receipts. You will get an ACH deposit every month!

Things To Know Before Making A Referral

We’ll match your referral with the provider that’s a perfect fit

We have helped dozens of companies begin their outsourcing journey to India. We employ the strictest hiring standards and also pull from years of experience supporting companies similar to your client to make the perfect match

We specialize in servicing small and medium-sized businesses

We have an established history of exclusively serving the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses

You receive monthly payments for up to 5 years

You will receive an ACH deposit into the account of your choosing for up to five years after a successful referral. Many referrals also increase their spend with us over time and you will benefit from those increases

We’ll handle everything

We complete all the initial interviewing, hiring paperwork, benefits administration, computer & hardware, onboarding and training


Data Processing and Database Management

We are a consistent solution to provide clean, ready-to-use data for business processes and analysis

Appointment Setting & CRM Analytics

Appointment setting & updating the CRM is time consuming but a missed update could be a big missed sales opportunity! Let us ensure that every appointment is booked and that your CRM is always updated providing you the latest customer & sales information

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We provide comprehensive bookkeeping services to ensure your financial operations run smoothly

Customer Service

We provide personalized customer service meant to answer your clients/ customers questions and queries

Custom Business Process Solutions

Custom solutions for clients to help them reach new levels of efficiency and cost reduction

How It Works


Initial Referral

Contact us with a brief description of your client and their needs. We will reach out to you with specific questions and coordinate an introduction to your client(s).


Trial Run

We provide very client the option to try out our services for free. This provides clients with a risk free way to work with us, while also allowing us to ensure a seamless onboarding. We strongly recommend that consultants inform clients in advance of our free trial.


Quotes & Contract

After our trial run, we will provide a quote and scope of work to your client. We also are happy to send those out to coaches/ consultants as well upon request. Upon acceptance of the quote, we execute a standard service contract with the client.


Collect Recurring Revenues

Upon acceptance of our service contract with a client, we will request from coaches/ consultants for accounting information to send monthly payments to. You will receive a monthly payment each month from us in the form of an ACH deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is My Commission?

The Commission rate is 5% on monthly billing below $1,000 and 10% for any amounts over $1,000 per month.

How Long Will I Receive My Commission?

You will receive payments from us for as long as your referral remains a customer for a period of up to five years from the first date of payment receipt.

What Makes A Good Referral?

An introduction to a business owner or business executive/manager who can make hiring decisions and is open to exploring offshore talent is a great referral.

Of course, we need confirmation that you have been given consent by them to be contacted by General Analytic and our outsourcing partners.

There is no time limit on your referral either. We will work with them over the long-term if needed until they are ready to make the decision to build a remote team offshore.

How Do I Get Started?

Please send an email to [email protected] mentioning that you would like to get started as a referral consultant. We will send you our standard commission agreement. Please also include your website and/ or some materials about your consulting/ coaching services. We will contact you shortly afterwards for an initial screening/ interview.

Does it Cost Anything to be a Referral Partner?


When and How Will I Get Paid?

Payments occur every month on or around the 15th. Payments are via ACH and will reflect actual revenue received from client referrals over the 30 calendar days trailing the date we ACH pay our consultants”.